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Fitrepreneur is a community of fitness professionals working together to build great proiducts that improve people's lives.

The FITREPRENEURcollective provides member companies with Knowledge, Tools and Resources that gives you a strong competitive advantage and the edge necessary to become a leading global fitness brand.

Occassionally, we will provide reviews of and recommend products & services for which Fitness Insider receives revenue by way of our advertising and affiliate partners.

We are dedicated to imporving people's lives and helping them reach new heights mentally, physically and emotionally. The only products & services Fitness Insider recommends are those that help us achive the aforementioned goal.

We only recommend products & services that we genuinely believe are both beneficial to your business and your members / clients wellbeing. The recommended products and services have been rigerously tested by the staff at Fitness Insider and come with our highest approval ratings.

Please contact us with questions, comments and/or suggestions regarding this policy.

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